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In a lapse of a few days paraded in Washington the president of France, Emmanuel macron, the German prime minister, Angela Merkel, and the Great Britain Foreign Minister, Ben Johnson, with no results. They didn’t manage to dissuade Trump, who, on Monday 8th, decided to retreat the United States from the nuclear agreement with Iran, which had signed also Russia and China. Versión en castellano

Trump lies

Before the conclusive reports of the International Energy Agency and even the Pentagon, that the clauses of the treaty were fulfilled to the letter by the Iranian authorities, Trump decided to accompany the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who have pleaded that “Iran lies” – something that was refuted right away by the main specialists in the matter and the main articles of the main newspapers of the involved metropolises. According to Trump, the limited validity time of the agreement would allow Iran to develop a nuclear armament at its overdue; the treaty would not contemplate the development of missiles that could be used to hold nuclear warheads; and, off the nuclear issue, Iran was behaving as a terrorist State along the Middle East. In contrast, Israel and Saudi Arabia were described as peaceful and even democratic. The decision of breaking a treaty in unilateral form, without following the steps that were foreseen to do so, force all diplomacy conventions, what is equivalent to a war state declaration without precisions. It is what, in its time, made Hitler, on his side, and then in alliance with Stalin; and closer in time the “western” powers against Libya and Syria (by interposed military agents); or the successive North American military interventions in Latin America – the last one Panama, and in a former past against Santo Domingo and Cuba. It’s a threat that hangs over Venezuela.  Iran has come to the agreement under the pressure of economical sanctions and exceptional political reprisals. It saw in the agreement the possibility of restarting the petroleum exportations and receiving foreign investments – the main vindications of the Iranian bourgeoisie. In the three year of validity of the treaty, the sanction were not lifted but only in part, what was taken advantage by the European monopolies to hoard important deposits, specially the French Total. The agreement opened a transit from ‘populism’ to ‘macrism’ in the economy of Iran, under the initiative of the reformist wing of the ayatollahs. The resulting economical liberalization aggravated, as it meant, the conditions of the country masses. At the beginning of the current year there started popular rebellions, which had become since then in working class strikes every time more insistent. Trump has said he will return to a sanctions system more severe than in the past, which implies, in first place, an economic war declaration against the European monopolies that ventured in Iran in the last times. The EU has announced economical measurements to counter the sanctions, which are very far from that possibility. With greater vision, the British Financial Times fear a purpose of “change of political regime”, by Trump. That is a terrorist policy against Iran.


In coordinated form with trump’s action, the Zionist state has started to attack Iranian positions in Syria, without admitting the authorship of these actions, and has developed a strong military deployment in the border with that country. The general staff of the Zionist army, though, has manifested, as the pentagon did, against the sabotage to the agreement between Iran and the six powers that subscribed it. They qualify it, on the contrary, as highly convenient. The high ranks of all starring states warn against a war against Iran, which would be supported by Russia and China. Such a war would fire the Middle East, part of Central Asia and the Europe itself. They prefer, by far, the military and economical pressures, and the laying of bridges to the local bourgeoisies affected by the embargos and the blockage. 

Since Trump announced for the first time his intentions, the EU as well as Russia had worked to modify partially the treaty, to accommodate the North American pressures. The axis of the talks passes through an agreement regarding, in the first place, Syria, i.e. the retreat of the displayed forces by Iran and Hezbollah. It is what Russia, Iran and Turkey has tried to agree in a recent meeting, with an unknown result, due to the interest of Turkey of preserving its control of the north of Syria and extend its protection zone from the north of Iraq. The other point is the retreat of the Iran support to the forces that combat Saudi Arabia in Yemen. In the warmonger contentious it occupies a strategic place the conjunct exploitation of the planet’s most important gas deposit - between Iran and Qatar. The gas matter involve all the riverside countries of the Middle East Mediterranean, form Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece, even Turkey and the Balkans.  Behind the nuclear agreement issue, it unfolds a very wide world crisis, in the geographical as in the political sense. The Iranian government of Rohani has said it would keep on abiding the norms of the agreement, always that the EU shows it has the capacity to counter the sanctions from Trump. The EU pretends to keep on negotiating an exit with the US, on the one hand, and with Russia and China, on the other. In these tries there seem to have forgotten the mole labor that the capitalist world crisis do, and from other side the resistance of the masses. In France, Iran , Tunisia, Turkey, that crisis and that resistance is every time more manifest. Even in Israel, it is developing a movement to remove Netanyahu for corruption, with the complacence of the military ‘establishment’. Something similar faces Trump in his territory, with other complacence –the FBI one. 


The crisis of the treaty ‘Iran + 6’ influences in the negotiations in course between Trump, the two Koreas and China. Here too it is discussed an agreement of ‘denuclearization’ of uncertain range and, as it is seen, of even more uncertain compliment. Trump follows his extortion method of dubious success. What is clear, anyway, is the character of the world political period; more crisis, more commercial and financial wars, more extortions supported by arms, more wars, major political crises, popular rebellions. 

These conditions urge the political struggle to stand a workers revolutionary International, the IVth International.